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Aeonics: Serverless Java Microservices REST API Integration Software

Deeptech software


Aeonics is an autonomous and modular middleware that allows to deploy functionalities in the form of microservices in serverless mode. The hybrid SOA/ESB/SEDA architecture makes it possible to support any type of TCP or UDP protocol and to activate only necessary elements à-la-carte.

Our software tends to the optimum between the result obtained and the resources spent, so that the performance of one aims at the excellence of the other, to respond to the problems of interoperability, content delivery, and implementation of the business logic.


The Aeonics solution allows you to collect and process any type of data according to the business rules you have defined. The deployment is completely seamless to complement existing systems and ensure a smooth transition. Its flexible and modular architecture allows you to anticipate technological changes and ensure compatibility with existing systems.

The Aeonics software is entirely developed and mastered by our teams in pure Java language. Portable. Robust. Flexible. Aeonics is an asynchronous backend system for processing real-time data that helps your teams reliably deliver projects using quality-proofed data.

Simple, Accessible, Durable, Efficient


Aeonics was designed to respond to issues encountered at all company levels when setting up digital services. The software is fully configurable via a web interface, and can be deployed in seconds on any machine.

The Aeonics system is the meeting point between developers who deliver advanced functionality, project managers who ensure overall consistency, and end users who benefit from a tailor-made application adapted to their needs.

You have the ability to manage the performance of your applications by adjusting the hardware resources allocated to the system. Our modular approach based on a robust foundation allows you to handle quality and change management efficiently to push back the obsolescence of your digital services.


The scope and the framework of intervention of the Aeonics software is very clearly defined in order to allow each actor in the chain of a project to find his most valuable place.



  • Aeonics experts can assist you to perform an audit or project qualification.
  • Aeonics consultants can advise and oversee the integration process for your projects.
  • Our trainings aim to develop the knowledge and skills of your teams for greater autonomy and total independence in carrying out your projects.
  • Our Troubleshooting Task Force can be called upon for urgent matters to help you identify and unblock problematic situations.


  • The software can be deployed on any type of infrastructure (cloud, on-premise, virtual machine or container).
  • It is compatible with all operating systems supported by Java (Windows, Linux, Mac, IBM, Solaris).
  • The flow management system makes it possible to connect to a corporate storage space and to interface with third-party databases (SQL, NoSQL, etc.).
  • The integrated web server allows you to host your own web or mobile apps, or other types of content.
  • The microservices management engine lets you host your project's business logic in a modular and extensible way.

Deployable and ultra-Compatible

The Aeonics software transparently blends in the client infrastructure either on-site or in the cloud. Developers and IT departments can thus leverage their skills to deliver and maintain high quality standards.

Zero dependency

The Aeonics solution can be deployed as an autonomous system without any third-party dependencies in order to reduce risks, costs and the latency of the system. The end-user project can then be materialized and hosted within a unified system. Aeonics includes all necessary APIs and built-in mechanisms to accelerate the development lifecycle and ensure high data quality standards.


Socially and economically sustainable

A true relay of the CSR policy and HR dedicated to innovation, Aeonics helps reduce recurring costs of installation, maintenance, migrations, troubleshooting and uncertainty related to the implementation of their projects. By orchestrating the workload in an optimal fashion, Aeonics sits in line to a calibrated operation towards concrete sustainable needs. Aeonics supports companies in their objectives of reducing the ecological, economic and social footprint of information technologies.

ROI estimation

Usage type



Estimation of the number of steps and computations to perform.



Estimation of the size of the required infrastructure (or the one currently in place) to process these data, without considering storage requirements

Congratulations, your system appears to be very efficient regarding the estimated workload.

You can also use Aeonics to reduce significantly your operational maintenance costs.

Based on your information, Aeonics allows you to :

the size of your infrastructure by0%
your annual CO2 emissions by0T
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