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About us

Aeonics is a deep-tech company specialized in the eco-design and implementation of sustainable and efficient digital services. The company is currently present in France and Benelux.


Aeonics is aimed at innovative companies with concerns related to data collection, processing and normalization. It offers a pragmatic solution with a backend-type software that excels in data processing and delivery. The Aeonics technology enables deploying applications in no-time and solves the most recurring data-related issues. Users thrive with a total autonomy on the solution in any sector or market share.

The technology developed by Aeonics allows to consider IT projects as the collaboration of functional elements in a serverless or microservices way. Unlike cloud-native solutions that do not permit local deployments, the Aeonics backend application server offers multiple combinations, from a monolithic architecture to a fully autonomous cloud cluster.

Board of Directors

  • Simon Uyttendaele Simon Uyttendaele LinkedIn CEO - System and software engineer Sustainable IT evangelist
  • Guillaume Meriel Guillaume Meriel LinkedIn COO - Expert in digital transformation #SmartCity - #Industry4.0 – #Responsibledigital
  • Vincent Halewyck Vincent Halewyck LinkedIn CSO – Business Strategist #Strategy #Sustainable-IT #Development

Our values

All actions undertaken by Aeonics and our teams are driven by a consistent set of values:

  • Provide a pragmatic solution that takes into account all stakeholders in the development and use of digital services. Respond appropriately to complex issues.
  • Act in complete transparency with a clear scope of intervention and precise commitments. Give and earn the trust of our partners.
  • Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing to provide the best long-term guarantees. Allow our teams and our users to evolve freely and autonomously.
  • Limit the environmental footprint of digital services by acting on the most impacting factors. Commit to doing more with less, sustainably.

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