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About us

Aeonics SRL is an IT company with headquarters and R&D center located in Liège, Belgium. Our business is to provide a pragmatic answer to recurent concerns related to data processing and availability.

  • We offer our customers a tool that can help them tackle common issues whilst keeping total autonomy.
  • We allow business owners to cut down recuring costs of installation, maintenance, migrations, troubleshooting and uncertainty linked to the implementation of their projects.
  • We provide the technical fitness such that entire teams can increase their efficiency and confidence in the technology they are offering.
  • We help reduce the ecological footprint of digitalization and tighten the digital gap by offering an affordable state of the art solution built on digital sobriety.

The Software : A portable solution for data processing

The Aeonics software is a tool designed for integrators and IT services. It provides a lightweight asynchronous backend system to process live data. It helps your team deliver projects reliably using quality proofed data.

The Aeonics software integrates seamlessly with the customer infrastructure, whether on-premise or in an IAAS cloud provider, which allows the IT service to preserve its core skillset by providing and maintaining the architecture according to the highest standards and requirements. The Aeonics solution is deployed as a standalone service without third-party dependencies to reduce the risk, cost and latency of the system. The customer project specific to the given use-case can then be packaged and hosted inside the Aeonics solution and benefits from all builtin mechanisms and helper APIs to reduce the development cycle and dominate data quality uncertainties.

Use cases : an overview of what we do

Aeonics contributes to the preservation of the Unesco World Heritage

"We used Aeonics as the backend dispatcher to convey data from the LoRa network segment to the final application. Thanks to the simplified deployment scenario, the installation was reduced to a single day.

The simulation capabilities of the software allowed us to validate the complete application chain even before actual sensors were deployed, the entire team could then focus on the hardware installation on site. We finally used the live troubleshooting helper to identify weak connectivity links between sensors and antennas.

The Aeonics solution is a safeguard that allows our team to focus on our core added value... it just works great!"

Aeonics helps reduce the carbon footprint of IT

"Our process was on track, we were collecting data from two dozen factory sites. But as we expanded to more sites, we encountered serious performance issues. Dropping Aeonics early in the process of acquisition allowed us to manage the flow of data more efficiently.

We went down from 18 server machines to only 5 for the same process ! Best of all is that we did not need to change a single bit the final application, the integration was completely transparent.

Our process has been optimized and we reduced our carbon footprint dramatically using the Aeonics software. "

Aeonics brings resilience and stability to the IT architecture

"As an IT services company, we know issues do happen, our job is to anticipate and reduce the risk of interruption of service to keep the customer satisfied. Our consultants are experts of all the solution we offer and yet, the same type of uncertainties arise every time.

We adopted Aeonics in order to create a segmentation in the project architecture: what happens before and what goes on after. In other words, Aeonics is our checkmark and reference point.

When parts of the architecture become obsolete, because it does happen, we have the guarantee that what comes before or after will not be affected. When you have a surgery and end up with titanium in your arm, it becomes the strongest part of your body, that is what Aeonics is to our architecture."

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